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Something extra


The library presents two PNG icons which can be used to embed a hyperlink to the AutoConnect menu.

  • Bar type AutoConnect menu
  • Cog type AutoConnect menu

To reference the icon, use the AUTOCONNECT_LINK macro in the Sketch. It expands into the string literal as an HTML <a></a> tag with PNG embedded of the AutoConnect menu hyperlinks. Icon type is specified by the parameter of the macro.

BAR_24Bars icon, 24x24.
BAR_32Bars icon, 32x32.
BAR_48Bars icon, 48x48.
COG_16Cog icon, 16x16.
COG_24Cog icon, 24x24.
COG_32Cog icon, 32x32.


String html = "<html>";
html += "</html>";
server.send(200, "text/html", html);